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Jaco Lubbe and his brother started Induna Adventures out of a passion to live each day to its fullest. Growing up, adventure was a big part of Jaco’s life and today, his business allows him to share this love of exploration with other people. The Mpumalanga landscape provides the ideal setting for a range of activities. With the bush, mountains and Sabie River, Induna uses its rural setting to create exciting adventures for customers such as river rafting, quad biking, zip lining and archery.

Jaco believes in creating life-changing experiences for people using the nature around him. The local community plays a part in the success of Induna Adventures too, “The people are very supportive in this area… you can always rely on anybody here to help.” Likewise, Jaco makes sure to give back to the community – not only through job creation but through outreach work too: “It motivates us if we see the difference in people lives. You want to get up and do it again and again.”

“Everybody is our customer. That’s the idea – we want everyone here, experienced or not.”
– Jaco Lubbe

Making Tracks

Induna Adventures is open to the local community as a place to practise, exercise and share in the passion of adventure.

Against the Current

Although keen for any adventure, Jaco is particularly passionate about rivers. He spends time kayaking to keep fit.

Setting the Scene

Jaco takes full advantage of the nature that surrounds Induna Adventures. “We go into the bush, into the rivers, we explore, find new places and then show them off to the people who come here.”

Climbing Higher

Brought up with a life full of adventure, Jaco Lubbe wanted to turn his passion into something he could share with others.

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