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“Hold On! Dirt road incoming, we call it an Africa massages so enjoy”, I explained, while driving down the valley to the Sabie River where the Geckoing start. As we decent I wondered who was more excited the teachers or the students, but I soon realised that the teachers won singlehandedly. From jumping to going down the roughest rapid “One Time” no one showed any hesitations.

Indecisive students got a wave of encouragement from the cheering crowd of students.  Fellow students showed no mercy, everyone had to do at least one jump.  A fellow student volunteered to join like brothers in arms to make the leap together, when the wave of encouragement was not enough to make the leap alone.

Pictures taken showed their battle faces like never before, from the brave and daring to the least, everyone met his/her match that day, legends where born out of it.  The cry of laughter echoed through the canyon.

All students gave a helping hand, assisting their fellow students, some of the boys even trade in their Gecko’s to the girls for a more daring red tube.

We’ve seen blood and tears on the geckoing but never before seen such an amazing group of students.

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