Mandela Day 2016

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It is with abundant hope in humanity that we end off Mandela Day 2016. The Purity of the hearts of the people that wants to make a difference is what I will remember. Gone are the days when identifying the problems is as far as we will go! I salute the brave adventurous people of South Africa that proudly go to where others fear to tread. People joining the playing field of life rather than the multitude of referees judging wrong from right.

20160718_154544A Momentum has started where the loving hearts of individuals and families will bring the much needed change and spread hope. A momentum has started where a people with pure hearts are changing communities, towns, cities, nations…the world!!

Let us write the history books for our children so they can also believe that one person loving another in need can change the world. That unconditional love is the secret ingredient that will add flavour back in everyday life.

Here is a quick test to see who will be part of the problem and who will be part of the solution.

1. I Love I

2. I love me

3. I love you for me

4. I love you

A Big thanks to the people of Sabie River Sun and the family of Waldus de Jager that donated not only truck and trailer foods of good but also time to visit the Reading Project and the orphaned and vulnerable children of SizaBantwana

A Big thanks to ABSA that spoiled a bus load of children with fun and laughter, games and a full stomach at Induna Adventures

A Big thanks to members of the ANC, ESKOM and Shoprite mobile soup kitchen that went to the children of SizaBantwana and pledged their support.

Our country is alive and hopeful!!!

In God we Trust!

In God we Hope!

Jesus liberated us!

We are not alone!

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