BUDDY (Single Sit-on-top)

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Colors Available


Length: 265 cm / 8’7″

Width: 84 cm / 33″

Weight: 19 kg / 42 lbs

Paddler weight range: 120 kg / 265 lbs

The Buddy is a one-seater playful sit-on-top. It has a more defined tri-hull than the Chumani and Synergy, which share the same hull concept. The tri-hull is achieved by a soft keel complemented by curved rails on either side. This combination makes the boat track quite well on flat water for such a short sit-on-top, but at the same time, it enables the boat to play and carve on ocean waves.

The Buddy is a super stable and maneuverable boat. It is equally suited for kids and adults. Its volume and sidewall design enables it to carry heavy paddlers, but the short length makes it easy to handle on and off the water, even for kids. It also features a small seat in the front for a young kid facing the paddler.

The Buddy was designed with flat water and ocean waves in mind, but it also proved to be surprisingly stable and easy to manoeuvre in easy rapids. Ferries are simple; it surfs pretty well too, and with thigh straps on it is possible to roll it.

The rotomoulded polyethylene construction makes it exceptionally safe and durable, just like the other sit-on-tops in our line-up. The Buddy also has a dry hatch, foam plugs for the drain holes, and a series of webbing loops to attach thigh straps, a backrest and anything else you might want to take along on the water.

The Buddy can also be fitted with rod holders, converting it into a great boat for inland fishing too.

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