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Bianca Mostert – Thank you Letter

Posted by admin - August 13, 2014 - Geckoing, Rafting Sabie, Team Induna, Teambuilding, Uncategorized

Thank you for such an amazing time. I had a lot of fun. And I must admit that I slept very well after all those activities. My favorite activity was definitely  river rafting, (even though I go stuck half of the time) I am so glad it did not rain.

I did a lot of “”Firsts”” this camp like paintball and Geckoing! Thank you again so so much I had an awesome time

Bianca Mostert
Michael Mount Waldorf School
Grade 7

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Emily Stokes – Thank you letter

Posted by admin - August 8, 2014 - Adventure, Events, Team Induna, Teambuilding, Uncategorized

Thank you so much for having us at you lodge. we really enjoyed the activities and how happy you all were. A thing I really enjoyed was zipline and all your kindness.

You helped us work as a team, we really appreciate that. Only one thing that I believe should change is swapping the names for the bathroom, because the boys ones are very nice! A big shout out to Patrick, Thomas, Brian and Smiley, and 54!

Kind regards
Emily Stokes
Grade 7

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Danielle Lee – Thank you letter

Posted by admin - August 6, 2014 - Adventure, Events, Teambuilding, Uncategorized

Dear: Induna Adventures

I really enjoyed the camp, you made 2013 the best year for me. Next year I hope Mrs. Twine chooses to go back to Induna Adventures because all the fun and educational adventures you set up for us.

I enjoyed a week without technology and just being outside with my friends. The best thing about Induna is that you took me out my comfort zone and I did crazy adventures that I will remember forever and tell my kids when I”m older.

You brought me and my classmates closer, we don”t fight/tease anymore, and we work as a team now. All is really well I hope everyone there is happy as can be.

Love from: Danielle Lee Bezuidenhout
Grade 7

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Team Building

Posted by admin - July 21, 2014 - Adventure, Team Induna, Teambuilding, Uncategorized

Please consider your next team building activities. Especially if you want to: Improve communication, boost morale, motivation, help get to know each other better, improving productivity, learn about one’s strengths and weaknesses and create a healthy team culture. Most of us know that great teamwork is one of the key factors associated with a company’s success. So, ultimately you want to encourage better teamwork in the workplace, and this can only happen when the team culture and work environment is healthy. The challenge in all effective teams is to creating a work culture that works.



Great Team Culture  (leads to)  →→   Great Team Work  (leads to)  →→   Great Success


The failure to recognize team building as an important part of your company’s continual improvement process is perhaps the greatest single reason why so many efforts fail. Team building is a critical step in the continual improvement process and we will help you make that critical step simple, and effective.

We want to help you to build your perfect team!

Let us know your needs so that we can plan a winning strategy.


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