CHUMANI (Single Sit-on-Top)

R 5 044.00



Colors Available

Length: 329 cm / 10’9″

Width: 81 cm / 32″

Weight: 22 kg / 48 lbs

Paddler weight range: 130 kg / 280 lbs

The Chumani is a one seater family sit-on-top based on the very successful Synergy design, featuring a soft tri-hull that is very stable. The mellow keel helps tracking in a straight line, while the hull has ample rocker to make it manoeuvrable when needed.

The boat is just as home on the ocean and easy rivers as on flat water. The lifted bow punches through waves with ease, while the unique stern design creates stability when surfing.

The Chumani seats one paddler, with hassle free moulded-in footholds that can accommodate a large range of paddler sizes.

Four drain holes get rid of water that splashes in the boat, preventing the boat to turn into a bathtub. The boat features four handles positioned conveniently, which, combined with the short length, makes it easy to manhandle.

A sealed hatch behind the paddler keeps little items perfectly safe and dry. The compartment on the stern is designed to hold most regularly used cooler boxes as well as a wide range of dry bags. The compartment on the bow can also accommodate a variety of dry bags, and can also serve as a seat for a kid facing the paddler.

The outfitting is finished off with a drain plug for the unlikely event of water leaking into the boat, and a range of closed hooks where optional thigh straps or backrest can be attached.

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