LOCOMOTION (Link Together Kayaks)

R 3 431.00



Colors Available


Length: 264cm / 8’7”

Width: 81cm / 32”

Weight: 18kg / 40 lbs

Paddler weight range : 120kg / 265 lbs

The Locomotion is Fluid’s revolutionary answer to that old, old question – single or double?

Thanks to an innovative design it is as easy as 1,2,3 to extend the single sit-on-top to a double or even a triple seated kayak. The stern is formed to match the bow of the next kayak exactly, and two slots on the sides ensure a tight fit so that the two kayaks are linked together like, well, a locomotive. For a more secure attachment of two boats together, a tie down (supplied with the boats) can be threaded through the matching drain holes and tightened.

The rear end is specifically designed to enable the kayak to stand upright on its own, and the kayaks also nest neatly on top of each other for optimal use of storage space.

The scoop at the stern where the rear kayak slots in is fitted with a handy basket, ideal to serve as a picnic basket or whatever a train of kayaks would like to go do on the other side of the lake.

The Locomotion is the perfect answer for families who need to accommodate the needs of various family members on different days. It is also a great boat for resorts who can keep a variety of clients happy by having a bunch of Locomotions available, leaving it to the clients to decide if they want to paddle singles or doubles or triples.

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