Geckoing / White Water Tubing

Geckoing or White Water Tubing is one of Induna Adventure’s most popular adventure activities.  With this unique adventure you get the chance to descend the Sabie River gorge with a “Gecko”.  A Gecko is a white water tube that is oval shaped (makes steering easier), and it has a floor (so you don’t hit your bum on the rocks).  The rapids are Class 2 (Grade 2) rapids, and half way down the section you get the chance to jump off a 8 m high waterfall.

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When you arrive at Induna Adventure Center, you will be introduced to your guides (APA qualified and well experienced) and you will be kitted out with a PFD (Personal Flotation Device or “Life Jacket”).  Then a 4×4 vehicle will transport you to the Gecko Section of the Sabie River which is about 15 minutes drive away.

Once you get to the river you will be briefed by the trip leader on safety aspects as well as how to handle your Gecko.  It  will be demonstrated how to steer the Gecko, how to prevent falling out, what to do when you do fall out, and what not to do.  Now you are ready to tackle the river!  First float through some calm pools, then the first small rapids and then the “One Time Rapid”. Here is where the action starts!  After “One Time Rapid” it is time for the jumps. First a 2 m jump, then a more adventurous 8 m jump.

At the end of the trip you will have to walk out of the gorge back to the vehicle that will take you back to the Adventure Center.

On this 2 1/2 hour adventure you will get the chance to navigate class 2 rapids, jump off a 8 m waterfall and explore the Sabie River gorge in a way that is only possible in a Gecko.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be able to swim to do Geckoing?

Because there is a good chance of falling out of the Tube, it helps to be able to swim, and you often have to help yourself back into the Tube. We however allow non swimmers to join the trips, but then the guides will keep a special eye on these clients.

May I take a camera along?

No, unless you have a cheap disposable waterproof camera. We however take a camera along and take pictures of all the clients. You are welcome to buy the pictures right after the trip at our Induna office. This way you can focus on having fun and not worry about your camera. After the trip the photos can be viewed on the big screen. You can then decide whether you want to buy them or not.

Can children do Geckoing?

The general rule is that they must be big enough to steer the Gecko, so their arms must be long enough to reach the water to be able to steer the Gecko. It differs from child to child, but 12 years is usually the norm. They must also be comfortable with swimming.

Can you do Geckoing all year round?

It depends on the water levels. Often in January , February the water levels rise too high for Geckoing, but if the water is too high for Geckoing, then the White Water Rafting is GREAT!

Can you do Geckoing in Winter?

Yes. In Winter the water levels are great and you can rent a long sleeve wet-suit if you need one.

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