At Induna Adventures we play Paintball war games in “The Gaza Strip”. It is a Paintball course complete with trenches, a barbed wire border post, a river and broken walls as obstacles. The course also has a spectator friendly area that is elevated and camped off with see-through netlon, from where spectators have a front seat view of the game.

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Induna Adventure’s Paintball Course is right next to the Adventure Centre.  It has natural obstacles like trees and a river and also man made obstacles like a fort, trenches and a barbed wire border gate.

It also has a spectator area that is fenced off with see-through netlon, so spectators can be part of the action.

We supply overalls, masks, guns, course, marshals and bullets. The marshal will facilitate the game and also say what type of game will be played.

For small children we have paint ball Target Shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can play at a time?

Twenty (20) people may play, but then the field gets a bit small. A group of sixteen (16) people is a better size.

What is the minimum amount of people that can play Paintball?

Four (4) people.

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