River Birding

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The Sabie River is proven to be the river in South Africa with the most diverse biological fauna and flora. The reason is because it forms a cold finger coming from the mountains of Sabie. The gradient of the river is so high that there is no time for it to heat up in the Lowveld. This then forms the extraordinary habitat for all the fauna and flora.

You will find seven different kinds of Kingfishers along the trip starting with the Giant Kingfisher, the beautiful half-collared Kingfisher  and ending up with the smallest of them all, the Pigmy Kingfisher. The Fish Eagles, Osprey, Cormorants, Herons, Weavers, Thick knees, Lapwings, Crakes etc. can be spotted here, the number is endless.

  • Teams will be briefed on how to paddle the 2 man inflatable rafts by Qualified River Guide.
  • Boats can handle the weight of ten people but are made for 2 per boat.
  • Each person will have to wear a helmet and lifejacket supplied by Induna Adventures
  • Equipment that you do not want to get wet can be placed in the dry barrels that we take on the trip. (most likely will only be used at some rapids also use a binocular strap so that your binoculars stay dry and away from the ground).

How the River birding is going to work:

  • At registration (6:45 Am) we will inform you where you would need to gather for your activity.
  • At 7:00 Am the briefing on the birding day starts to find out what the rules and regulations for the day will are
  • At 7:30 Am the guides will hand your life jackets and helmets (compulsory). As soon as all are helped, you have a 15Min drive to the river where you will be briefed on safety before you start.
  • Ones in the river you will follow the lead guide as he will make sure you stay safe.
  • We will have a dry barrel handy for bigger rapids to ensure all gear stay dry (if necessary).
  • The Sabie River is a low volume river with rapids grading from level 1 to 3 (depending on the rain). You will be more than able to do birding without worrying of your equipment getting wet. The river consist out of big pools that flow into each other, the guides will inform you where to pack your equipment in dry barrel (if necessary).
  • Depending on the time available you will be allowed to wonder around at the take out point to spot a few bird on the dry land.
  • You will have to be back at the registration by 11:00 Am to hand in your bird list.
  • Have a look at our rules and regulations


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