SizaBantwana is a non-profit organisation that works in the rural communities of Bushbuckridge, near the town of Hazyview; Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. We care for children orphaned or made vulnerable as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. By addressing their immediate needs and the larger issues in the community we strive to ensure that the children have a bright and hopeful future. We belief that children need a strong positive environment in order to develop their full potential. SizaBantwana is committed to develop this environment.

SizaBantwana’s services to the orphaned children can be categorised into three broad programmes:

Care: Provide food, clothes and attend to other basic needs of children.

Support: Provide safe communal facilities or care centres where Care Workers from the community cook food, serve meals and have daily gatherings with the children. We recruit Care Workers to support the children’s basic needs and development, and SizaBantwana sources funding to financially support the orphans and Care Workers.

Empowerment: Provide training, education and skills development activities to children. SizaBantwana seeks to identify the urgent needs in the community and partner with other relevant institutions and organizations to meet those needs so as to create a supportive, caring community.

SizaBantwana currently provides care and support to around 750 children. Around 400 children daily attend one of our care centre for food and support and we care for a further 350 children as part of our Isibindi project. Our aim is to extend our care to many more children in dire need of support.

You can make a difference in the life of a child! We currently need around R 300 per month (approximately US$40) to look after one child – your contribution directly assists a child.

Get involved – join our Friends of SizaBantwana programme. Your support as either an individual or a corporate partner is vital to bring hope to the children of our nation.

Your contribution through either these programs is guarantee to directly impact the life of a child. Through us you can care, support and empower the future of this nation. We undertake to give you regular feedback on the impact of your investment, through newsletters and bi-annual reports. We also welcome visits to any of our care centres to see the difference your investment makes in the children’s lives.

Contact our office if you wish to receive more information or to make a donation to the SizaBantwana Children Benefit Organisation. Our purpose can only be achieved by people who have the heart to give to those who have nothing due to the effect of HIV/AIDS

Vision of the organisation

To provide care and support to orphaned and destitute children due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other diverse circumstances and empower them to reach for a dream


Purpose of the Organization

SizaBantwana works in the Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga community to care for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) by addressing their immediate needs and the larger issues in the community to ensure that they have a bright and hopeful future. It is the belief of SizaBantwana that children need a strong positive environment in order to develop their full potential. SizaBantwana is committed to developing this environment through providing food, clothing, home-based care, health services, social development services, religious services, opportunities for exercise and recreation, training, outreach activities, and community development. In addition, SizaBantwana is committed to establishing a sustainable and replicable project that can expand into other high-risk communities.


Contact details

Non profit organisation no: NPO 055583
Tel: +27 829 265 875
Fax: +27 866 416 949
Tax exemption no (PBO): 930022299

Banking details

Standard Bank, Hazyview, South Africa
Brance code: 05245200
Account no: 331653370

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