VAYA (Kiddies Sit-On-Top)

R  1 725.00



Colors available


Length: 200 cm / 6’6″

Width: 57 cm / 22.5”

Weight: 11 kg / 24 lbs

Paddler weight range: max 45 kg / 100 lbs

The Vaya is a true kiddies sit-on-top, perfect for kids aged between 5 and 10. Vaya means “go” in Zulu, a native African language, and resembles Fluid’s intention to give kiddies the opportunity to go have fun like their parents do.

The Vaya is based on the Solo design, but the hull is tweaked a bit to give it even better secondary stability. The boat is very forgiving and has enough volume to tackle moving currents and very easy rapids. We also added a fin to assist tracking, which can easily be attached to the stern with two bolts.

The moulded-in seat is comfortable, with high sides and backrest to keep the young paddler in the boat. Hassle free footholds are moulded in and can accommodate a large range of kid sizes.

The 4 conveniently placed handles are moulded in to create a robust boat that can handle any kid’s abuse. The recessed compartment on the stern deck is ideal for little toys, rocks, shells, or any other treasures that the young adventurer might deem necessary to drag around.

Like all sit-on-tops, the Vaya is a sealed unit, making it a safe boat to introduce kids to paddling. It is easy to paddle and easy to carry or drag around.

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